How to become an Auditor

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Do you want to be an auditor?

After reading our previous article about Why you would want to be an auditor, you have realised you:

  1. like meeting people,
  2. seeing new things,
  3. being challenged, and
  4. doing something different each day,

then you have probably realised that you REALLY want to be an auditor right?

That’s great – but not sure how to go about it? Here it is all laid out for you.

Step 1. Find an Exemplar Global certified auditor training organization.

Congratulations you’ve found one…

We are registered by Exemplar Global.

Step 2. Decide What Sort of Auditor You Would Like To Be

Do you want to be a Quality Auditor, an Environmental Auditor, an OH&S Auditor, or perhaps all three? Do you want to conduct internal audits – within your organization or is your plan to audit suppliers or contractors? Perhaps you want to work for a third party certification body?

Step 3. Select a Course

Email  or Call 1300 95 96 92 to request an enrolment form, or enrol directly online

Our courses run in all the major centres of Australia and New Zealand. You can book with confidence because we never cancel a course and there is no homework or after coursework to complete.

Want to be all three? – Complete all three disciplines in the Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor course!

Step 4. Successfully attend the selected auditor course

Attend your selected course, no preparation needed.

If your goal was to be an internal auditor – congratulations – you’ve made it. Take your new skill set into your workplace and reap the rewards.

If you want to be an External auditor, read on…

Step 5. Select the competency or qualification based route with Exemplar Global

The traditional method is the qualification based route – where you have to conduct 35 days of audits on different organizations and maintain an audit log. This method can be difficult if you are not currently conducting audits.

The competency route is where you arrange for a skill-assessor to witness you conduct an audit and assess your competency against a checklist. This is obviously much quicker as you only need to conduct one audit – normally one day. The competency route also requires the completion of the Personal Attributes Accreditation Scheme (PAAS) Master; this is a series of online questions aimed at confirming you have a suitable personality to be a competent auditor.

Step 6. Register with Exemplar Global as a Lead Auditor

Send your training certificate, CV and evidence of your previous auditing experience (or skill examination) to Exemplar Global.


Who are the Exemplar Global?

Exemplar Global (formerly iNarte/RABQSA) are an Internationally recognised personnel certification, credential management organization, for individuals seeking further professional recognition.  They also provide independent certification for training providers.

What should I ask the training-provider?

  1. Are the trainers practising auditors?
    • Yes – all of our trainers are practicing auditors across a range of different industries!
  2. Is there any homework? If so, how much?
    • No – none of our courses have homework – it’s all completed during class time.
  3. Is there any assessment to be handed in after completion of the course?
    • No – All assessment is completed during class time. When you leave, all your work is done!
  4. Is the course modularised, can you complete the course over multiple sessions/workshops?
    • Yes – You can complete the course over multiple workshop to fit in with your busy schedule! Ask us about a pathway that suits you!
  5. When do I receive my certificate?
    • Quickly – Receive your certificate in the mail within 5 business days of completing your course – Or Contact us for a digital copy as soon as you complete the course!
  6. Do you offer an audit skills assessment?
    • Yes – A number of our trainers are registered skills assessors! Not only can we train you, but we can help you get registered with Exemplar Global.

Still have some questions about how to become an auditor? Pick up the phone and call us and speak to one of our trainers! They are practicing auditors themselves and full of knowledge.



May I know what is the process to register with Exemplar Global as a QHSE Lead Auditor. I have Exemplar Global QHSE lead auditor certificates and currently work as QHSE consultant.
How much is the cost for registration.

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“Well structured content, fantastic presentation by Miguel and loads learnt. The ISO 27001 training is helping me understand my clients’ needs better and make useful recommendations. Moreover, this was so much fun – thanks team!”

“Overall very valuable course. Balance of theory with practical workshops was excellent. Trainers stuck to the timetable very well.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the training and wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out to be quite enjoyable and a really great experience which I put down to the facilitators, Pat and Tom and the group. Both Pat and Tom shared their breadth of knowledge and experiences and were really engaging.”

“Great presentation of the course, engaging facilitators and good use of group work. I found the course to be a great refresher for an audit course I did 10 years ago and now feel more motivated to go audits in a non-bow tie way!”

“Trainers’ knowledge was excellent, their knowledge made the training and learning easy.”