Key details...

Cost: $2,895 (inc. gst)

Duration: 4.5 Days

PD Points: 36

Qualifications: AU TL QM OH-45001

About the course...

Participants learn how to perform an audit in accordance with ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.

The course provides a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to conduct a successful internal or external audit, either as part of an audit team or as the team leader. We focus in particular on the principles and procedures of auditing, the importance of planning, the roles and responsibilities of an auditor, how to gather effective audit evidence and report on the audit findings, and the required follow up activities as an auditor.

This course has the equivalent of 36 Professional Development (PD) points.

Plus, you receive a free licensed copy of:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements
  • ISO 45001:2018 OHS management systems – Specifications with guidance for use

Our training is different because...

No Homework or take-home assessment.

Internationally recognised courses.

Trainers are practising audit professionals.

All Learning materials and refreshments provided.

Certificates are issued promptly upon the completion of the course.

We never cancel a course - enrol with confidence.

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Course overview...

Learning outcomes

  • Risk-based thinking and its application to modern management systems
  • Understand the process approach and its benefits to business
  • Integration of the customer into organisational processes
  • Effective and timely HIRAC processes

Course content


This course is divided into two modules, enabling participants to attend both modules in the one week, or spread across different sessions. The first 2 day module is equivalent to our ‘Becoming a Skilled Lead Internal/External Auditor’ course, and teaches participants to conduct a management systems audit. The remaining module covers the requirements of both Quality and OHS management systems, as per ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 respectively.



Introduction to Management Systems Auditing
  • Introduction to auditing
  • Roles and responsibilities of an auditor
  • Principles and procedures of auditing
  • Planning a Management Systems audit
  • Communication skills and interview techniques
  • Setting appropriate audit objectives, goals, and criteria
  • Documentation requirements


Management Systems Auditing
  • How to ensure that audits add value to an organisation
  • Auditing as a Team Leader
  • Effective audit evidence
  • Difference between Corrective and Preventive actions
  • Management Systems auditing scenarios
  • Developing the audit report and writing audit findings


Quality Management Systems
  • Scope of Quality, Environmental, and OHS systems within an Integrated Management System
  • The importance of risk-based thinking and the process approach
  • Organizational context and its implications for a management system
  • Documentation requirements of ISO 9001
  • Auditing requirements of ISO 9001


OHS Management Systems
  • Start at 12.30
  • Requirements of ISO 45001
  • Organizational hazards and controls


Auditing scenarios
  • Review of Quality and OHS Management System requirements
  • Quality and OHS audit scenarios
  • Course review


Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Attainment which identifies the 4 Exemplar Global competencies below:

  1. Exemplar Global AU – Management systems auditing
  2. Exemplar Global TL – Leading management systems audit teams
  3. Exemplar Global QM – Quality management systems
  4. Exemplar Global OH 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety management systems

This course has the equivalent of 36 Professional Development (PD) points.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Throughout the course, participants will complete a series of workshops which form part of the assessment. A short multiple-choice exam at the completion of each module assesses the knowledge and understanding gained throughout the training. Participants receive continual assistance and feedback from the trainer, and are given anecdotal examples of real world audit situations.

No homework or take-home assessment. 

Who should attend

Designed to cater to a variety of people currently involved in the audit, Quality, and OHS Management System process, you should attend if you:

  • want to become an internal Quality and OHS auditor
  • want to become a 3rd party Quality and OHS management system auditor
  • need to write and implement a Quality and OHS management system
  • are involved in the Quality and OHS management process
  • are managers responsible for their Quality and OHS management system and auditing
  • wish to consolidate their existing knowledge into a formal qualification

Prior experience in auditing and management systems is not required. 

Study Pathway – Where to from here?

Competencies for Food Safety Management Systems may be attended separately.

If you wish to become a registered third-party, or external Quality and OHS auditor with Exemplar Global, completing this course is the first step. Once you have obtained the Exemplar Global competencies from this course, you can follow either a qualification-based certification path, or competency-based. A full explanation of the requirements to become certified with Exemplar Global can be found here, or contact us for more information.

How to enrol

PwC offers a streamlined enrolment process – either enrol directly into your course online, or call us on 1300 95 96 92 to enrol over the phone.

Discounts for multiple attendees are available – Please call us to find out what discounts can be applied.

How to pay

We offer a variety of payment methods:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Payment plans

Payment plans

We are able to arrange flexible payment plans on an individual basis. Please be aware that your certificate will be held until full payment has been received.


Public – face to face

Our regular public courses are conducted in capital cities and key regional centres in Australia and New Zealand. You will enjoy an excellent learning experience in a premium training venue, and;

  • We never cancel courses – book with confidence
  • Class sizes are kept to manageable numbers – so everybody learns
  • No homework or take-home assessment! All work is completed in course time – we know you’re busy
  • No major exam – we assess you as you go

Public – Virtual/Online

In response to COVID-19 and social distancing, we’ve gone virtual with all of our courses to keep the interaction and engagement between trainer and participants. Our virtual training platform incorporates:

  • Group exercises – facilitated by mini break out workshops amongst the team
  • Ability to ask questions in real time
  • Built in note taking and tracking of course materials
  • You can interact with participants throughout the session through a chat functionality
  • Online assessments providing a streamlined marking process

Our aim is to recreate the classroom experience in a safe, virtual environment, maintaining the fun and engaging experience our clients find useful and valuable.

Our public training courses are valuable opportunities for professional development and networking. They are also the perfect way to convert competency-based experience into formal qualifications for either career advancement or a complete career change.

Our Trainers are practising auditors and experts in their field. They deliver practical and real world auditing experiences.

Public – Blended Virtual Delivery

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, PwC’s Auditor Training is offering a blended virtual delivery to be run concurrently with our public course face to face delivery.

The virtual delivery will be as close to our face to face delivery as possible with real-time interaction with the trainer and other participants. Our technology has been tested and has been built to facilitate smaller break out workshops amongst participants, ability to ask the trainer questions, engage with participants about the content and complete assessments online.

Please call us on 1300 95 96 92 to enrol. 


In-house training can provide a cost-effective training solution (face to face or virtual) for organisations with a number of staff who require training. We can also customise a course to suit your own individual needs, and include your own audit documentation. Call us on 1300 95 96 92 for a quote and to discuss your individual training needs.

Training Course Locations...

PwC's Auditor Training

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“Well structured content, fantastic presentation by Miguel and loads learnt. The ISO 27001 training is helping me understand my clients’ needs better and make useful recommendations. Moreover, this was so much fun – thanks team!”

“Overall very valuable course. Balance of theory with practical workshops was excellent. Trainers stuck to the timetable very well.”

Course Dates

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Only 2 for 1 courses
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Virtual - AEDT Mon 19 Oct 2020 Fri 23 Oct 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Virtual - AEDT Mon 26 Oct 2020 Fri 30 Oct 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Virtual - AEDT Mon 16 Nov 2020 Fri 20 Nov 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Virtual-NZST Mon 23 Nov 2020 Fri 27 Nov 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Perth - Face to Face Mon 30 Nov 2020 Fri 04 Dec 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Brisbane - Face to Face Mon 07 Dec 2020 Fri 11 Dec 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Virtual - AEDT Mon 07 Dec 2020 Fri 11 Dec 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now
Virtual - AEDT Mon 14 Dec 2020 Fri 18 Dec 2020 4.5 Day(s) Book now

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“Well structured content, fantastic presentation by Miguel and loads learnt. The ISO 27001 training is helping me understand my clients’ needs better and make useful recommendations. Moreover, this was so much fun – thanks team!”

“Overall very valuable course. Balance of theory with practical workshops was excellent. Trainers stuck to the timetable very well.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the training and wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out to be quite enjoyable and a really great experience which I put down to the facilitators, Pat and Tom and the group. Both Pat and Tom shared their breadth of knowledge and experiences and were really engaging.”

“Great presentation of the course, engaging facilitators and good use of group work. I found the course to be a great refresher for an audit course I did 10 years ago and now feel more motivated to go audits in a non-bow tie way!”

“Trainers’ knowledge was excellent, their knowledge made the training and learning easy.”