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PD Points: 14 Hours

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Australian tax training

The workshops will be fun and interactive, to help you understand your responsibilities and requirements in meeting your New Zealand tax obligations. All key taxes will be covered, including income tax, GST, FBT and payroll obligations. Tax issues specific to New Zealand companies with overseas shareholders or subsidiaries will be covered including transfer pricing, financing and employee mobility.

The tax world is rapidly changing, and it is no different in New Zealand. Keeping up to date with recent and proposed legislative tax changes, adopting digital technologies and having a constructive relationship with Inland Revenue are critical to operating a successful business. 

Recent and impending changes that will be covered include:
  • How to claim the new R&D tax credit (n.b. the resulting IP doesn’t have to stay in NZ so this can be a great opportunity for non-residents);
  • New reporting requirements for multinationals operating in NZ; 
  • Tax challenges for NZ companies with Australian directors; 
  • Numerous changes to employee reimbursements; 
  • Outcomes from the Tax Working Group review; and
  • Many others!

The workshops will use a mix of presentations and practical case studies to ensure you get all the updates you need. An advanced corporate tax case study and a series of shorter, technical questions on key tax matters impacting multinationals will ensure your tax knowledge is fit for purpose so you can manage risks and add value to your organisation. 

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Course overview...

We are in an era of significant tax changes, in particular for multinational businesses. 2018 included lots of law changes that businesses are now starting to feel the impact of. There are many more draft and potential legislative changes that could be in force shortly including digital taxes, capital gains tax and R&D tax credits. Our workshops and webinars are engaging and use practical case studies that will help you optimise performance in your role. These courses are suitable for finance staff that have a responsibility for New Zealand tax.

Our 2019 curriculum offers you a flexible training approach including our face to face workshops, online webinar series and the additional option of including a follow up session with one of our course facilitators at a discounted rate.

Designed to help Australian based staff that have responsibility for New Zealand tax compliance understand their responsibilities and requirements.
Our foundation course will focus on the practical challenges of managing New Zealand tax compliance for income tax, GST, fringe benefit tax, non-resident withholding tax and non-resident contractors tax. The content is updated every year to factor in changes in legislation and Inland Revenue approaches. This workshop will use a mix of presentations and practical case studies to cover the following:

  • An overview of the New Zealand income tax regime, with a focus on identifying key income tax risk areas and the typical tax adjustments to accounting profit, for example: transfer pricing, thin capitalisation and non-deductible expenditure.
  • A case study using financial statements to prepare a tax calculation and corporate tax return form.
  • Managing provisional tax obligations and maximising interest outcomes with the recently changed rules.
  • Dealing with Inland Revenue, for example; during risk reviews, audits and requesting amendments to filed income tax returns.
  • Overview of all indirect tax (PAYE, FBT, GST, withholding taxes) obligations including highlighting key risk areas and common errors, calculation options, maximising exemptions, etc.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This workshop is designed for business professionals looking to understand your responsibilities and requirements in meeting your New Zealand tax obligations.

Senior PwC New Zealand Tax Specialists will present and facilitate the workshops, including:

Tom McCallum

Tom McCallum is a Director in PwC New Zealand’s Wellington office with over 15 years of tax experience. He started his career with PwC in London before moving to Wellington in 2009. He has a broad base of clients across different industries including high net worth individuals, private businesses and partnerships, multinationals and listed companies. Tom leads the delivery of NZ tax services to over 50 clients that are headquartered in Australia and has wide experience in advising clients on complex tax issues as well as focussing on the annual compliance processes and the challenges these bring.

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Jodee Webb

Jodee Webb is a Director in PwC New Zealand’s Wellington office. Jodee has over 15 years tax experience with a predominantly corporate tax background specialising in M&A and accounting based issues and compliance. Jodee has a wide client base covering the infrastructure, natural resources and energy sector as well as corporate entities with trans-tasman considerations.

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