• ISO 9001, Lean, TQM and Six Sigma – same same or different?

    22nd January, 2018 | by Andrew Barham
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    I’ve been working with these tools, methodologies and requirements for over 30 years and I think they’re great. Like all management terms, they drift in and out of favour, get changed, manipulated, criticised, talked about by gurus, turned into training courses, and become hot topics at conferences.

    But what are they, and are they the same thing with different names?

  • What is an integrated management system?

    4th July, 2017 | by Andrew Barham
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    We often hear the term ‘integrated management system’, or we hear people say they have an integrated management system at their workplace, but then go on to talk about JSA’s Job Safety Analysis, EMP’s environmental management plans, or ITP’s inspection and test plans.

    Well, if you are using those terms, you might need to question whether you actually have a system that is fully integrated. In this article, we talk about what an Integrated Management System is, and demonstrate how your integrated systems can reduce duplication and make your systems more efficient and effective.

  • A complaint and the process approach

    6th June, 2017 | by Andrew Barham
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    Way back on the 4th February 2015, I wrote the final in our four-part series about upcoming changes to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001; and recently (to put it bluntly) we had a complaint! Well, it was perhaps more an observation… that the article was misleading. Not the entire article, but this bit of it:

  • 10 Key questions for the boss about ISO 9001:2015

    20th April, 2017 | by Andrew Barham
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    One of our most popular blogs over the past few years was “12 Questions for Top Management about Quality”. However with the release of the 2015 version of ISO 9001, the questions that need to be asked have changed; therefore we have come up with a revised list to ask the person in charge.

  • Quality hierarchy of customer satisfaction

    26th November, 2014 | by Andrew Barham
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    The ISO standards for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 9001 series, have shifted over time from being very heavily focused on documented procedures to being more process focused and centred on the customer. With the new version; ISO 9001:2015, we see even less reliance on following ‘documented procedures’, and more emphasis on customer satisfaction – giving them what they want, when they want it. To help understand, we have outlined the hierarchy of customer satisfaction.

  • What is ISO 9001?

    4th September, 2013 | by Andrew Barham
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    ISO 9001 forms part of a broader suite of international standards relating to the requirements, implementation, and maintenance of a Quality Management System. These standards offer guidance and tools for organisations wishing to ensure that their products and services consistently meet their customers’ requirements and for continual improvement.

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