• Why recording evidence when writing non-conformances drives the wrong behaviour?

    12th February, 2016 | by Andrew Barham
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    When writing non-conformances, you are meant to identify and record the evidence that you saw to justify the non-conformity. While this is correct, it does have a tendency to drive the wrong behavior in that the evidence that you record is all that gets fixed.

  • Why Would you Want to be an Auditor?

    5th February, 2016 | by Andrew Barham
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    Why would you want to be an auditor?

    What on earth possesses people to be an auditor? Why would you want to be seen as boring and dull? You sit there with your glasses perched on the end of your nose reading through reams and reams of paper, trying to find the one little bit that’s not quite as it should be, just so you can catch them out. The only time you see an auditor smile is when they find somebody has done something wrong.

    Well, if that is your perception of being an auditor you’ve got it all wrong. It’s a great job.

  • 4 Key Steps on how to Conduct a Good Internal Audit

    7th January, 2016 | by Andrew Barham
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    4 Key Steps on how to Conduct a Good Internal Audit

    Are you looking at how to become an Internal Auditor? Check out our other post here: http://auditortraining.pwc.com.au/blog/become-internal-auditor/

    Many companies have their own internal auditors to help identify issues within their business –  mainly whether the business is compliant or not. But is the business making the most of the internal audit process? Does the internal auditor know how to conduct a good internal audit?

    We have compiled 4 key steps that we think an auditor should go through in order to conduct a good audit.

  • 7 reasons why you need to know ISO 9001:2015

    4th November, 2015 | by Andrew Barham
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     We’ve put together a list of main reasons why you need to know ISO 9001:2015. Click through the presentation above, or the info is presented plain text below.

  • 8 things an Auditor should never say

    11th March, 2015 | by Andrew Barham
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    The role of the auditor encompasses many things, and while we should remember our personal behaviours, sometimes we can slip into bad habits. To help, we’ve outlined eight key things that auditors should never say.

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