• ISO, corrective action, a fuel leak, and the two-way radio

    4th March, 2016 | by Andrew Barham
    Workers Inspecting in hard hats and high-Vis vets for hazards read more

    Whilst auditing in a very hot and very dusty gas field many years ago, I was interested in the business’s corrective action process and how effective it was. Going through their corrective action register, I picked out an entry about a mobile compressor that had leaked some fuel onto the ground. When asked what happened, they explained the compressor was a relatively new one they’d bought from overseas and the fuel tank had split causing the leak. They cleaned up the spill, the leak was repaired, and the corrective action report closed. I checked the corrective action report and sure enough, that was what was recorded.

  • Risks, Controls, and Motorcycles

    28th October, 2015 | by Andrew Barham
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    Every year I fly to Adelaide to conduct an audit. I have done this for many years, however, this year I had a more time available and decided on a slight change. Those who know me, know I am an avid rider, so this year, I thought I’d ride down on my motorbike. What I didn’t realise was that it was going to be a good lesson on risk control.

  • Hazards – Are you missing the obvious?

    20th October, 2015 | by Andrew Barham
    Workers Inspecting in hard hats and high-Vis vets for hazards read more

    When it comes to identifying hazards and risks, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced group and include people both familiar with the work area, as well as ‘fresh eyes’ – those that aren’t familiar with the work. When we go through tasks regularly, it’s easy to be blind to the risks and hazards, as I will details below.

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