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Virtual Training

Published: March 26, 2020
man working from home

The safety, health and wellbeing of our staff and clients are of greatest importance. We have taken considered action over the previous weeks to ensure an effective continuation of our training services to clients in these times – while maintaining the participant and trainer interactions, which provide invaluable opportunities for sharing experiences and learning.

As many organisations quickly adapt to a new way of working in response to COVID-19 and social distancing, we have introduced a new learning format to continue to deliver our engaging training workshops. Read more to find out how we will continue to deliver fun and engaging workshops with our Virtual training platform.

We are introducing our virtual learning experience for all courses, effectively immediately for the foreseeable future. Conducted online from the comfort of your home office, during dedicated contact times through web and video conferencing tools.

The benefits of virtual training:

  • Ability to complete training from home
  • Interaction in real-time with the trainer, with the ability to ask questions and engage in conversations and sharing experiences.
  • Allocated training times – don’t let procrastination stop you from completing your training course, with specific online times.
  • Engagement with, and ability to chat to and develop relationships with other participants through the use of collaboration tools and technology, activities and mini-workshops.
  • Access to all learning materials and resources digitally, to annotate and mark-up with comments and notes to save for later.

It is our goal to recreate our classroom experience, making you feel like you’re there in the room interacting with your trainer and fellow students. The technology has been built to facilitate smaller breakout workshops amongst participants, collaborate on activities together in real-time, and complete assessment all online with no printing, or posting in assessments or documentation after the course.

Is this the future of our training?

We’ve been working to develop a more flexible programme for some time. As workforces become more mobile, our services are required to adapt to the way our clients learn and work. Whilst face to face training remains at the core of the learning experience, technology has allowed us to recreate this similar learning pedagogy, connecting people from various locations without impacting on the knowledge transfer. PwC will continue to support Virtual and online training that enables businesses and individuals to upskill their workforce with flexibility.

Want to know more about our virtual training experience?

Give us a call on 1300 95 96 92 to find out more about the platform or book into a virtual course online.

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“The virtual classroom coupled with an enthusiastic trainer made the course easy to run through and as good as any face to face courses I have ever attended.”

“Overall very valuable course. Balance of theory with practical workshops was excellent. Trainers stuck to the timetable very well.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the training and wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out to be quite enjoyable and a really great experience which I put down to the facilitators, Pat and Tom and the group. Both Pat and Tom shared their breadth of knowledge and experiences and were really engaging.”

“Great presentation of the course, engaging facilitators and good use of group work. I found the course to be a great refresher for an audit course I did 10 years ago and now feel more motivated to go audits in a non-bow tie way!”

“Trainers’ knowledge was excellent, their knowledge made the training and learning easy.”