Exemplar Global Accreditation Statement

Exemplar Global Accreditation Statement

Published: August 30, 2019
Exemplar Global Accreditation Statement

Recently, we’ve received some calls from concerned students around the decision by Exemplar Global to temporarily suspend their JAS-ANZ accreditation.

Please be assured that this has no effect on Certified Training Providers, their certifications or their students.

PwC’s Auditor Training continues to deliver Exemplar Global accredited units of competency as a registered TPECs provider.

Below is an excerpt from Exemplar Global outlining the impact of their accreditation.

In the past six months, Exemplar Global has undertaken considerable work to improve our certification products and complementary services to offer our customers even more value. This work has involved a major restructure of our systems and procedures. Currently our accreditation covers only a small scope of our activities and as we build new, innovative products for our customers, we wish to extend our accreditation to cover a much broader range of our activities.

It is imperative to understand that this has no effect on our Certified Training Providers, their certifications or their students as the processes and product have never been included within the scope of accreditation.

As we update our systems and procedures to reflect these new products and services, we have requested a temporary suspension of our JAS-ANZ accreditation until these improvement efforts and realignment to the Exemplar Global management system are complete. The decision to suspend our JAS-ANZ accreditation was entirely voluntary and has been granted for a maximum period of six months only. We are liaising with Jas Anz right now to reinstate accreditation!

We continue to ensure that our extensive range of Industry-developed or management system based schemes remain relevant to you as a certified professional. Our accredited certifications comply with international standards such as ISO and IEC. We choose accreditation of our systems from bodies that are members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The Forum’s purpose is to:

  • Bring together, on a worldwide basis, partner accreditation bodies and representatives of stakeholder groups that seek to facilitate global trade through the acceptance of accredited certificates of conformity.
  • Consult widely with stakeholders in developing programs and we work to deliver the best possible standard of conformity assessment in order to provide stakeholders with a value-added outcome.
  • Influence world trade through linking and working with other key international organizations and industry groups.

More information on accreditation and the IAF can be found at www.iaf.nu.

Please be assured that as we continue our efforts to improve our existing offerings and develop new products we will continue to work to the same high standards as we always have. We look forward to reinstating our JAS-ANZ accreditation soon and extending the scope of our accreditation in the future.

Exemplar Global continues to avidly support JAS-ANZ and the value of accreditation generally.

A copy of the statement by Exemplar Global can be accessed here

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“Overall very valuable course. Balance of theory with practical workshops was excellent. Trainers stuck to the timetable very well.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the training and wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out to be quite enjoyable and a really great experience which I put down to the facilitators, Pat and Tom and the group. Both Pat and Tom shared their breadth of knowledge and experiences and were really engaging.”

“Great presentation of the course, engaging facilitators and good use of group work. I found the course to be a great refresher for an audit course I did 10 years ago and now feel more motivated to go audits in a non-bow tie way!”

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