How to Become a Registered Auditor

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So you’ve completed our training. What now? Below we outline the steps to register with Exemplar Global and get the most out of your auditing qualification

Who are Exemplar Global?

Exemplar Global (EG) provide certification to people, like you, who seek further professional recognition. They also provide independent certification for training providers, like PwC’s Auditor Training, to enhance their course quality and student outcomes.

Following successful completion of one of our internationally-recognised Exemplar Global certified courses, you may be able to register with Exemplar Global to be an external quality, environmental, OH&S, Information Security, or Food Safety auditor. Registering with EG isn’t necessary for those wishing to work as internal auditors.

Why register with Exemplar Global?

Certification with Exemplar Global gives your clients confidence in your skills and abilities. Not only that, it is often required for people who wish to work as an external auditor for a certification body, as well as those who consult in management systems. In Australia, most certification bodies require their auditors to be registered.

How to register with Exemplar Global

  1. There are three types of auditor registrations with Exemplar Global:Lead auditor – leading a team under you
  2. Principal auditor – working on own (need to know principles of Lead Auditor)
  3. Provisional  – working as part of a team

The first stage of registering with Exemplar Global is to gain the necessary competency units required for the discipline you wish to audit. At a minimum, all applicants are required to have completed Exemplar Global AU along with one scheme (for example Exemplar Global QM and/or Exemplar Global EM and/or Exemplar Global OH 45001). Those wishing to register as an audit team leader or provisional auditor are also required to have successfully completed Exemplar Global TL. Please note that when registering with Exemplar Global, you will be required to complete an additional exam if more than two years has passed since completing Exemplar Global TL, QM EM or OH/OH 45001. There is no requirement for an additional exam for Exemplar Global AU regardless of how much time has passed.

Competency based vs qualification based pathway

Once you have received the relevant competency units, you may contact Exemplar Global and begin to register. You can choose either a competency-based or qualification-based pathway.

Pathways to becoming a registered auditor with Exemplar Global

Competency based pathway

The competency-based pathway requires you to complete an online Workstyle Assessment, followed by a skills examination. During the skills examination, an experienced auditor will observe you conducting an audit in your chosen discipline or scheme. A separate skills examination is required for each discipline/scheme. The skills examination generally lasts between 2 and 5 hours. The applicant must arrange the skills examination, including the audit client. Newer auditors will often take this pathway as they do not have as much experience and therefore do not have audit logs to submit.

Qualification based pathway

The qualification based path requires you to submit a log book provided by Exemplar Global. If you are registering as a Provisional Auditor, the log must show a minimum of 20 audit days (per discipline/scheme), and a minimum of 4 complete audits over the last four years. If you are registering as a Lead Auditor, the log must show a minimum of 35 audit days (per discipline/scheme), with a minimum of 15 of those as a team leader. The log book must show at least 7 complete audits over the last four years. If registering as a principal auditor, the log must show a minimum of 20 days (per discipline/scheme), at least 10 of which must be as a principal auditor, spanning at least 4 complete audits over the last four years. Submitting this kind of information can be difficult for new auditors as they simply do not have the experience. The qualification based registration path is often used by experienced auditors for re-registration.

Once registered, auditors are required to renew their registration with Exemplar Global every four years. This can be done by again by following either the competency or qualification based path.




Need to show in log books:
  • 20 days (per scheme)
  • 4 Audits
  • Over 4 years
  • 35 days (per scheme)
  • 7 audits
  • 15 audits as a lead auditor
  • Over last 4 years
  • 20 days
  • 4 audits
  • 10 audits as principal
  • Over last 4 years

*Discipline/Scheme requires an additional registration to a specific discipline such as QM, EM and/or OH 45001.

For more information about Exemplar Global, or to becoming a registered auditor please visit

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