8 things an Auditor should never say

What to say

The role of the auditor encompasses many things, and while we should remember our personal behaviours, sometimes we can slip into bad habits. To help, we’ve outlined eight key things that auditors should never say.

“It would be easier for me if you…”

Organizations should not have to adapt their processes to suit an auditor, Auditors should be able to adjust to follow how an organization operates.  

“I’ll just set myself up in here and you can bring all what I need to me…”

Auditors should not stay put in one room, they need to get up and see what actually happens, go and observe people, see where the records are actually kept, rather than just look at what is given to them.  

“I never used to do it like that when I worked…”

Just because people do something differently it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  

“I’m not sure what time I will be able to see you…”

Auditors should understand that auditees have jobs to do as well. Auditors should have a timetable and within reason they should stick to the times.  

“I don’t have time to explain it now I’ll just put it in my report…”

Auditors need to explain what they find, so that auditees understand. If auditors put findings in the audit report that the auditee didn’t know about, this may cause problems.  

“This is how it should be done…”

Auditors are not there to tell you how to do things. Their role is to see if practices, procedures, and processes all align.  

“I can help you fix that if you want after the audit, here’s my card…”

Auditors should not consult – it is a conflict of interest.  

“It doesn’t apply to me…”

If people in an organization are required to comply with something, then the auditor is too.  


Happy auditing.  

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Michael Tezera

This is clear demonstration of auditor’s task thank you

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