7 reasons why you need to know ISO 9001:2015

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 We’ve put together a list of main reasons why you need to know ISO 9001:2015. Click through the presentation above, or the info is presented plain text below.

  1. It is a more modern approach to business management

ISO 9001:2015 now requires the quality management system to be “…relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction…” and also “…ensuring the integration of the quality management system requirements into the organization’s business processes”. So no longer can an organization have a Quality Management system that is separate from the rest of its business.

  1. It allows for greater documentation flexibility and creativity

The specific requirements for documented procedures and records have gone, as well as the requirement for a quality manual. So make sure you are now fully across what does need to be documented, what records that need to be kept, and what documentation formats are appropriate.

  1. You will be current

Training certificates generally have a life span of somewhere between 3 and 10 years depending upon the qualification. In the ISO world you certainly will be in a much better position to demonstrate current competency if your certificate covers ISO 9001:2015.  

“No longer can an organization have a Quality Management system that is separate from the rest of its business.”


  1. Your organization will be less likely to get non-conformances

If your organization is currently certified against ISO 9001:2008, within the next 3 years it will have to transition across to ISO 9001:2015. Almost certainly the questions an external auditor will ask will relate directly to the new and changed requirements of ISO 9001:2015, so the better you know the new standard the less likely your organization will get non-conformances.

  1. You will be more employable

If you are looking for work as a Lead Auditor, Auditor, Consultant, Quality Engineer, Quality coordinator or management system professional you will be much more employable if your training qualification references ISO 9001:2015 rather than ISO 9001:2008 or worse still you have no qualification at all.  

“An integrated management system is the most effective and efficient system of management there is – full stop.”


  1. You won’t have to explain preventive action to anyone anymore

Preventive action has gone! Preventive action has been in ISO standards for years and is so badly understood and poorly implemented that the gurus at ISO have thrown it out and replaced it with “Risk based thinking”, so come and find out what how quality risks and opportunities differ from OHS risks.

  1. It will make integration easier

An integrated management system is the most effective and efficient system of management there is – full stop. However, with the previous versions of ISO 9001 some organizations had trouble integrating Quality with another standards such as OHSAS 18001 or AS/NZS 4801 for OHS, ISO 14001 for Environment or ISO 22000 for Food safety, simply because the ISO clause numbers didn’t line up. Well they do now, so the argument that systems are better separate because that’s how the standards have been written is no longer valid.


Gregory Willard

Thank you for all this great information on ISO 9001. I think it’s very interesting that it’s a more modern approach to business management. I have always been amazed that people can come up with things to help others run their companies.

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