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Performance Auditing (2 Days)

Take your auditing to the next level, get more out of their audit documentation and ensure real value is added to your organisation.

In-House delivery

You and your audit team conduct audits but nothing really changes; you ask the same questions, look at the same evidence, write the same non-conformities, and the go back again next year to do it all over again.

It doesn’t have to be like that! With a simple change in focus you can get some real results.

This 2 day master class is specially designed for those who already operate as auditors but want to go the next level.

Performance auditing is about finding real improvement opportunities, for challenging the normal, for identifying wasteful activities and for driving out the boredom, and to quote Einstein “continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result” is a bit silly, so if you’re not happy with your auditing now then you need to do something different.

Come along and learn what ISO 19011 doesn’t tell you. We’ll cover:

  1. How to effectively audit across silos.
  2. Why customers, interested parties and stakeholders need to be identified early.
  3. How risk can help an auditor focus on the key issues.
  4. The benefits of remote auditing.
  5. How to develop a set of performance audit questions.
  6. How writing non-conformances correctly often drives the wrong behaviour.
  7. How to identify real process improvements.
This course is specifically developed for those who currently conduct audits or manage an audit programme, and who wish to get a better outcome.

This course has the equivalent of 16 Professional Development (PD) points.


Day 1

  • The normal audit process – a refresh
  • How businesses operate in silos
  • Analyzing an entire process
  • Identifying customers, interested parties and stakeholders


Day 2

  • Compiling the questions to ask
  • Identifying risks and opportunities when auditing
  • Save real costs – audit remotely
  • Writing up your findings to get real results


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